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As the name suggests, yeast breads are made with yeast (as opposed to quick breads, which are the other main type of bread and don’t contain yeast). Combining warm water and sugar with yeast causes the yeast to multiply and release carbon dioxide, which, when mixed with dry ingredients, creates a soft loaf of bread. We can show you how to proof yeast and how to use yeast the right way.

Breads made with yeast also require kneading. Working the dough helps develop gluten, a protein that gives bread structure and texture and keeps those yeast gas bubbles within the loaf. Since kneading can initially be a bit tough on the gas bubbles that have been built up, yeast breads need one or two rest periods as well.

If your yeast doesn’t work, your yeast bread won’t work, so that’s why you should always test yeast when baking.

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